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Lighting Options

I’ve been making alot of different lighting decisions as of late both for my clients and myself. To me lighting is like the jewelry of a room, and like accessorizing an outfit there usually is more than one choice that can work well.  Do I go vintage and give a little patina to the room, or do I go clean and simple and modernize the room?  I have agonzied over some of these decisions!

For a pilates studio I’m working on I find myself trying to source interesting lighting that will replace all the awful flourescent lighting yet feel appropriate and functional to a large space.  I think simple track lighting is the answer, but I found these and L-O-V-E the possiblites they offer:

They are a bit like track lighting AND chandelier-like……hmm mulling still.

For a Florida beach house, I want to walk that fine line of selecting table or floor lamps that instill that down south beach vibe without being themey.   My client made some suggestions of her own. I like them all, but feel each one can hold their own and would compete if grouped together: (all from Regina Andrew)

In my own house, I find making a final call on my bedroom overhead light has been impossible! I have time to think this through since it likely won’t get installed until our master bath/sunroom addition is in the works. Our ceilings are pretty low. Only 7.5 feet,  but our room is pretty long at almost 20 feet.  This makes selecting any sort of “pretty” light a difficult task.  It can’t be too big or it will nearly be at eye level, but it also can’t be too small and look…well dinky.   Lets face it too, there just aren’t too many large semi-flush mounts out there!

Here is our room again (light will replace fan):


Here are some of the options I’m contemplating:

This one leans modern against the more trad paisley of my drapes.

This one- adds a lot of character with its aged metal but still seems really graphic with the white glass and black edging detail:

This one, which is definitely a flush mount with style and substance:

or this one which is elegantly understated:

We’ll see what the final turn out is!



Yes! Wallpaper….

Today I thought I would touch on something that I have found to be a bit of a difficult sell for most of my clients.  As the title of the post clued you in to, it’s wallpaper!!!  I can tell you I’ve probably introduced the idea to most of my projects in the last year, and I can honestly say my suggestion of wallpaper has been knocked down by my clients about 70% of the time.  Most of the time my clients even say “Its not the wallaper, its the idea of wallpapering”. I had one such client meeting last night, and I sucessfully sold them on papering their dining room (it will be stunning, see here), but they are still contemplating the entryway which I suggested a grasscloth for.

I think many people still have wallpaper phobia from the horrid wallpapers many of us grew up with- that is: A) you grew up with wallpaper that had lived on your walls since the 40’s or B) you had the country bumpkin with borders stuff from the late 80’s early 90’s.   Let me yell loud and clear that the wallpapers out today have some serious style, and most are now made to come down pretty easily too.

I think designers are using them much more strategically as well.  I often suggest a small dose of wallpaper in spaces that don’t have alot going on otherwise i.e. a dining room, powder room, or entryway.   They add instant texture to rooms and keept them from feeling flat.

Following my own advice I have papered my dining room and entryway.

Here is the dining room before:

And after in light colored grasscloth (I do have window treatments in the works for those wondering):

The entryway is quite small and I didn’t take a photo of it before the paper went up (new flooring in their TBD).  I wanted something to envelope you as you walk in, so I even papered the ceiling!  To me papering the ceiling was unexpected, and adds a little wow factor.   The paper even picks up on the exterior colors of my house.

I hope some of you might reconsider wallpaper for a future project!



Bedroom Update

We’ve made some progress in our master, and I thought I would share a little sneak peek.  Both the drapery and the bed were installed the same day, and what a difference it made! I actually began to feel like we had digressed to the days of college where matresses on the floor were de rigeur.

I have also found the perfect unperfectly matched fabric to add to the mix.  Its a fabric by Katie Leede called Amun border. I absolutely think it will be a great finishing touch to the bed (they will replace the black and white pillows).

To round out the bed area these lamps are in route as we speak:

So we are coming along…we’ve actually been meeting with builders as of late to add a master bath (and sunroom/playroom downstairs).  I would definitely like to have more concrete details before I do too much more in our bedroom.  I do have plans to wallpaper rather than replaster the ceiling to hide its many cracks.

I did a quick sketch of the room as it stands now, and what it might look like in the future with some minor changes.



Future possibilites?:


So we’ll wait and see how it pans out!

Happy New Year!

I wish you all a happy, healthy, and successful 2013.  While we are all busy de-holidazzling our homes I thought I would share a few shots photographed by the very talented Eric Roth for the Concord Holiday House Tour last month.  More than 900 tickets were sold, and despite the rainy day, the houses were chock full of people.

The dining room of the homeowner, to which I added a hint of glamour and slight asian influence:

The kitchen/family room was all about a old fashioned whimsical feel with the homeowners handmade nutcracker collection and vintage carousel horse: