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Holiday Treats

What does one do with 30 lbs of candy when the Concord Holiday House Tour is over (which I will post pics of once I get them back from the photographer)?

I certainly don’t want to keep it in my house to gorge on! I decided these would make delicious holiday treats for Liam’s classmates as well as clients and neighbors. Since the theme started with this old fashioned, nostalgic vibe I figured 32 oz. mason jars would be the perfect containers to house all these candies.  Plus, who doesn’t need a mason jar every once in awhile too! Other than the jars, everything was recycled from the house tour.  The striped ribbon was used on the wrapped boxes under the tree, and I used the pinwheels as ornaments on the Christmas tree.

I think Liam and Cora would be happy to keep the candy all for themselves, but they also had so much joy in giving these out too.

Happy Holidays everyone!


Concord Holiday House Tour

I am delighted to announce that I am one of nine designers that were asked to participate in the 2012 Concord Holiday House Tour.  Each of us were asked to decorate a home in the holiday spirit.  I am head over heals excited about the house I am decorating.  Its a classic Federal Revival style brick home, which happens to be by favorite style, and I will be decorating the family room, dining room and hallway. While I’ll be putting my own spin on things in those rooms, designers Heidi Pribell, and Stephanie Rossi will be each taking on the living room and library respectively.

As we all know the holidays are a time of giving, the house tour benefits the wonderful Concord Museum.  If there is ever a picturesque time to go visit Concord its the Fall/Winter season, and all the homes will be dressed to the nines!

I hope to see some of you on the tour!

House Tour 2012 Invitation

State of The House Address

Things are moving along here at the house……SLOWLY.  A few people have asked for more pictures and updates on the house.   Sometimes there is such a frenzy of bigger projects at the beginning, one forgets how much the smaller details make the most impact.  These details take time, and so we wait.

My husband eagerly asked me the other day, “How long until you think it really finished”, and the reality is months.

However, for all those wondering, here is the state of things at the moment (downstairs) in all its unfinishedness:


Plenty to do still:

-Lighting fixtures to install

-Coffee table still in the shop getting a new piece of glass cut

-Wallpaper dining room, foyer, backs of built-ins, and entryway ceiling

-Hanging artwork

-Bathroom and Backsplash tile to put up:

-Custom (therefore 3 to 4 months lead time) upholstery and window treatments still in the works:

Miscellaneous cabinet hardware still on backorder (notice our painters tape pulls we are using on the cabinet doors):

This is just the downstairs!  While we have come a long way in two months, (remember these before shots) I look forward to showing you some completed rooms before too long.




Katie Ridder Inspiration

As with any project, there is some thing or item that I take inspiration from whether it be a painting, wall color, collectors item, or even an adjective that describes the room’s feeling.

In our master bedroom, there were a couple starting points for me. I had an Indian inspired textile that I knew and loved and have been waiting to use.  (I have always been a textile junkie).  From there, I got an idea for the color scheme – white/putty/various blues and black.    I love a good green in the bedroom too, and I plan to perhaps add a pop of kelly green down the road.

While reading Katie Ridder’s new book, Rooms, I fell in love with the bedside table she created in her own bedroom. (below)

The hardware is just gorgeous, and it was a found piece.  I thought something like this could complement my own room scheme nicely, so the hunt began online.  After much searching and giving up on finding such a “found” piece, I looked to Anthropologie just to see….and this is what I found!

Pretty darn similar in character to the inspiration photo.  I did a quick scan of all my go to places for bedroom furniture, and then found these at West Elm.

Certainly they don’t have the depth of the inspiration photo, but they have clean simple lines that allow the hardware to stand out, and most of all they fit the dimensions I needed.

Here are the nightstands in the room now, and I am really pleased with how they turned out.  (you can see my giant paisley drapery fabric in the background)

There is still so much more to do as you can see from this picture:

But our mattress was delivered (our custom bed is on order too)the day we took this,  which is a good thing because my back was starting to ache from sleeping on this:

And btw, this is actually how it was when we were sleeping on it! We got a hole in the mattress the second day of sleeping on it, so it only stayed ever so slightly inflated!