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The paint dust is settling on the first floor, and now I just need to go back to the walls for a final coat of paint.

Some people might have cringed at the thought I me painting over the existing natural wood trim in the house.  Believe me I get it- the wood used (usually gumwood) is hard to come by these days, and it has beautiful graining.  However, that said I also feel pretty strongly that it makes a place feel smaller, and darker not to mention your paint colors are quite limited.   Since we have 7 foot ceilings I plan to make that as least noticeable as possible!  Light, bright, clean and bigger has been my goal.

Here is a picture again of our place before it was painted:

One thing I did decide to do to retain some original character is leave all the doors and mullions natural wood.  What you say?!?  Well, believe or not you’ve probably seen it before particularly on the outside of a home.  My thought is why not on the inside as well!  I also decided to leave the mantle natural which further connects some pockets of darker wood.

I’ve compiled some pictures here that may help doubters out there visualize what I’m talking about.  Click on my ideabook below, and let it all sink in.  I’ll be back with pics of our newly painted trimwork soon!

And We’re Off!

There is really so much I want to post on that I am not sure where to begin!  I suppose I’ll take our changes room by room as they come together.  If you have ever been a client of mine, you know I love a mix of high and low end, and a good bit of recycling existing furniture.   My own home is no exception.  What I can reuse successfully in the new house is coming with us, but I’m quite certain that I will be not be taking a single piece that doesn’t serve its purpose well – form & function! Point in case, the dining room.  We are starting completely from scratch in there.  I bought my dining table, my first piece of “grown up” furniture, way back when I first started working for Crate & Barrel.  It has been good to us, but now I get to buy my dream table, which also happens to be from Crate & Barrel!  I’ve wanted this table for my “someday house” for 10 years now, and I can honestly say I went to open houses looking to see if the dining room would fit Big Sur nicely.  I guess it’s a good sign that A)after 10 years I still love the table, and B) they still sell it too. (furthering my belief that this is a classic.)  So in Meghan style, I have combined this modern farmhouse table with tradtional New England Chippendale chairs I found on Craigslist.  To keep the look updated and fresh, I’m having the chairs lacquered a nice matte black, and upholstered in this red ikat Perennials fabric.  You’d never guess this is an outdoor fabric, but it will be a workhorse with the kids.  I’m finishing off the look with a little bling by Robert Abbey, drapes with my beloved Fig Leaf or Leaf pattern by Peter Dunham, a vintage Asian style Drexel Heritage buffet coming from Again & Again in Dallas, and a really grand asian style mirror I found at The Collector in Somerville.  Last but not least we’ll hang Phillip Jeffries grasscloth on the walls above the chair rail and paint Sherwin Williams Sensible Hue below the chair rail.

Here is the design scheme: Bailey Rd Dining Rm


Drexel Heritage Buffet

Asian style mirror

Bailey Rd Dining Rm

Home Sweet Home!

Well, the day has finally arrived, and I am so excited to say we are now homeowners!  Its been a long time coming, and our little place on Farrington Street has been good to us – mostly anyways.

When we began our search there were three things at the top of must have list 1)a bit of a fixer- something that needed a new kitchen and baths, but just cosmetic work elsewhere.  2) a decent size yard and 3) at least 1 1/2 baths.

Well guess what.  We ended up with the yard, but got a house with a recently renovated kitchen, and only 1 bath. Yes, you read right. ONE bath in the whole house.  In the end though, the location, and the character of the house won me over, and there is room to expand. More on that later!  For now, I’ve got some good bones to work with and still make it my own.  Heres what it looks like now, or at least just before they moved out:

I’ll be posting changes to come in the next few weeks!  You can also follow my pin board for our house on Pinterest here!

Seeing The Light

We have been on a house hunt for sometime now, and now that we are in the thick of it, I can tell you it’s really quite difficult to find the gem in the rough I’m looking for.  We have been in our place for nearly 4 years, which is longer than I have lived anywhere besides my childhood home!  I still feel like our place has great bones…something I immediately saw when we first looked at it.  It had really nice light, the kitchen was a decent size and had its original vintage white cabinets (kinda a must for me), and it has lots of windows and 9′ ceilings making our 1100 square feet feel bigger.  However, fast forward 4 years of renting later.  I could not be more ready to leave.  Cracked horsehair plaster, 100 year old cabinets falling apart, yellowing faux-tile wainscoting, windows that need a crowbar to open, white lineoleum floors that are dirty 5 minutes after you clean them….I’ve had enough.  As a renter the benefit is you don’t have the responsibility of fixing and maintaining, but that has also meant not being able to make those great bones come to life!

I stumbled across this picture in the latest Rejuvenation catalogue, and I literally saw my kitchen…..only better…..the kitchen I’ve always wanted it to be.  Sort of like if it had a facelift: )

Here’s mine (excuse the mess):

Here’s to breathing new life into old spaces!