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Some Contrast For A Quick Fix

With the Hurricane turned Tropical Storm Irene blowing its way through New England today, we are staying indoors and bunkering down for the day.  Its been a newspaper, movie, and clean-up the house kinda day.  I thought it also might be appropriate timing to fix a real eye sore in the house…..our back door.  This was the state of the sloppy-barely-primed-paint job our landlord had done at some point. Add to that a few years of dirt build-up:

Its bothered me since we moved in, but I just didn’t think to do anything about it.  I finally decided to prime the door again a few months ago, and the new primer at least took care of the cracks and dirt showing on the door.  I figured at some point I would get around to selecting the right black or gray paint….The pantry needed something dark to ground all the stark white going on.  As luck would have it, I was at my local hardware store a few weeks back and decided to check out the “oops” paints they have from time to time.  Low and behold there was a little quart of charcoal gray sitting there calling my name!  I picked up the $5 can and thanks to Hurricane Irene, here is the finished door today:

I love my new door! Now if I could just snap my fingers and have the rest of the pantry freshly painted…….

Happy 1st Birthday Cora!!

We had a relaxing 4th of July weekend in the Berkshires in Western Mass at our friend’s wonderfully rustic lakeside cabin.  Being that it is nearly off the grid completely with varied cell phone reception, and no TV or computer in sight.  What a way to get away.  

Cora had her must have 1st bday cake mug shots.  

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!  More celebrations ahead when we have our family party in Narragansett, RI this weekend.  We’ll see how my beach themed party turns out: )

I have to add this final shot of Liam and our friend’s little niece in the hammock. It could be a postcard!

Remember this dining room….

Remember these pedestals and dining room

Well, we finally got around to shooting some afters (during daylight hours), and I long ago promised a shot of the console table I custom designed using some salvaged old stone balusters from the Boston State House.  

I also have shots of the living room we were working on at the same time.  Again, I was working mostly with existing furnishings but we really changed the overall feel completely through accessories and paint.



A Major Overhaul

Hello Blog….long time no see!   Apologies on that end.   I have had my hands full of all sorts of projects little and big as of late, but I’m really excited to share pictures of one of my favorites.  This project has been nearly complete for sometime now, except for a few final touches.  As you can see, this was a major overhaul. The wall to wall carpet has been replaced with handscraped wood floors.  A new window was added, there is now a vaulted ceiling, a skylight was added, wainscoting and wallpaper were removed, the trim was painted….you name it and it was done.  I dubbed the new look organic modern.  What is that you say?  I would define it as clean, simple lines and lots of natural textures – brick fireplace, rustic barn wood mantle, and oak floors with the wool shag rug.  The result: I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves but I’m proud of the new look. 







The piece of wall art shown above was found at a consigment shop and is actually an old door to a confessional, (my Catholic clients got a kick out of that) but I loved it for all its character!